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Cook Top – Knob less

  1. Press and hold the key/power symbol until there is no red light. This unlocks the hotplate.
  2. Press on the image of the hot plate you wish to use.
  3. Use the + and - keys to increase or decrease heat for cooking.
  4. Once finished cooking hold down the image of the hotplate until you see a “H”. This means that the hotplate is turned off but is still hot. (Beko does not require this step)
  5. Hold down the key/power symbol so that a red light appears and locks the hotplate.

Please make sure you have turned off and locked the stove top after use. 

Oven- Essatto

  1. Using the middle dial turn once to the left to the hand to the hand symbol
  2. Using the far left dial to select fan forced oven
  3. Using the far right dial select the temperature you would like to cook on

Oven - Beko

     1.  Push both Buttons on the oven so they pop out.

     2.  The left hand side button will control how you would like to cook.  Either Grill or Convection.  

     3.  Right hand side button will control the temperature of the oven. 

Air Conditioner

You have a reverse cycle air conditioner in the lounge room.  The remote control can be found on your coffee table.  Please turn off air conditioner when leaving the apartment and the temperature to be no lower than 24 degrees. 

Washing Machine/Dryer

If you are using the dryer please empty the lint filter after each use.  Please turn off the dryer when leaving the apartment.  Do not leave it running while you are out. 

A sachet of laundry powder has been supplied on check in.  If you require additional washing powder you can purchase from reception or at Woolworths located at the Oasis Centre. 

Ceiling Fan Light

To operate your ceiling fan light the power switch needs to be turned on at the wall.  Using the remote control you will be able to operate the fan and turn the light on and off.



For the consideration of others, please use washing and drying machines between 8.00am and 8.00pm. Air drying racks may be used discreetly on balconies. Please do not use balcony rails for towels or clothes.